Software Engineer

Ready to discuss tech, yoga, the outdoors, and Oreos

I am a software engineer who loves building useful tools for people. I have experience as an Agile Coach ,and this has allowed me to advocate for better processes based on what is best for my teams in the past. I have worked in a range of industries and most recently in the healthcare space as a full-stack developer. I have been working on passion projects to help solve issues facing marginalized groups for over four years as well. I also enjoy teaching yoga, weightlifting, hiking, cooking for my friends, and running.


What I do

Front End Development

With a background built on learning how the browser works, I strive to use the right tools for the right application.


I went through the process of becoming a certified Scrum Master by Mike Cohn himself. I currently educate my teams about what parts they might find useful and how to apply them.

Product Design

My background in design has helped multiple companies achieve stakeholder buy-in and award winning products.

Product Management

I can help your team as a product manager guiding the design between user needs and technical constraints.