An engineer with a soft spot for UX

I am a driven front-end developer with extensive UX experience. I constantly leverage my UX background to create data-driven and engaging UIs. While working on enterprise-level software, I am constantly honing my HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills. Using cutting edge frameworks libraries, like React, is something I’m passionate about. I hope to become certified in AWS in the next year.

Swipes Right on Agile

I joined my last company as a jr. developer. I struggled to keep up with client's ever changing demands and communication in my team. As I have learned more about the Agile method along with my teammates, we have been empowered to adapt to those needs. Those hard lessons have shown how important each Agile principle is. After getting coached, myself, I have been jumping into this role in hopes of being a certified Agile Coach and Scrum Master someday.

The outdoors and civic duty are my passion

I grew up exploring the Rocky Mountains and learning how to be a steward for the environment. In my free time, I love working on tech projects that have anything to do with the outdoors. I love volunteering too. I have helped organize hackathons in the past , and I am actively involved with Code For America.