An engineer with a soft spot for UX

I am a front-end dev who pulls from a UX background to create data driven and useful UIs. I currently work in the education field, developing interactive simulations for corporations on diverse agile teams.

“I’m a people pusher, Kady. I push people”

In 2016, my favorite student group was falling apart ,so I decided to run to be its president. I had the task of rebuilding an LGBTQ student group from the ground up. With 4 members, I was able to raise our membership 50 students on average showing up. It taught me project management ,and that leadership is not something you can educate..

The outdoors and civic duty are my passion

I grew up exploring the Rocky Mountains and learning how to be a steward for the environment. In my free time, I love working on tech projects that have anything to do with the outdoors. I love volunteering too. I have helped organize hackathons in the past , and I am actively involved with Code For America.